Ecocentric Mom 1st Trimester Organic Pregnancy Gift Box

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Ecocentric Mom's First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box is the perfect pick-me-up for moms-to-be battling the morning sickness the general exhaustion of their first twelve weeks.

Pregnancy gift boxes ship within 2 business days via USPS Priority Mail. Include your gift note in the Order Notes at checkout!

Here's what's inside:

TummyDrops (Ginger Flavor) - value $3.99
Harness the power of ginger to curb pregnancy nausea in these early weeks. 

Naturally Vain Sleepy Time Massage Serum - 2 oz - value $18.00
The sleepy non-greasy oil blend serum is specifically designed to soothe and calm your body and encourage an overall sense of well-being and relaxation. Use just before bedtime, massage a few drops into your chest, back or temples. You can also add a few drops to your tub water. Sleep tight!

Expecting You Pregnancy Journal - value $16.99
This amazing journey needs to be documented -  Expecting You is a place to record all of the wonderful new thoughts, feelings, and experiences just ahead. Carry this journal with you wherever you go or take a reflective moment when you have the time and record what matters most.

Naturally Vain Revived & Restored Bath Salts - 8 oz - value $16.99
Naturally Vain bath salts are a remarkably enjoyable way to revive yourself from growing baby. Magnesium is excellent at relieving sore, achy muscles and we mix it with an alluring blend of dead sea salt and citrus essential oil. Relish in luxury as this product combines natural, simple ingredients that is great at awakening the senses with energizing aromatherapy. Simply sprinkle them into your warm bath, stir in a handful salts, step in and enjoy!

Box Naturals Lavender Cleansing Towelettes - value $9.99
Feel lovely with these organic towelettes- perfect for your commute, a visit to the OB or even your labor bag. Box Naturals individually wrapped towelettes are a truly beautiful way to freshen up during your pregnancy.

Gently scented with organic lavender essential oil.